Diamond Turning

Diamond Turning

A particular refurbishment involves powder coating the wheel in the normal way, then cutting the face of the wheel on a lathe, this is called Diamond Turning.

Diamond Turned wheels are attractive as they have a high specular brightness and require no additional polishing or buffing. With prices starting from £92 per wheel they are a great option to make your car stand out.

To make sure the integrity of the wheel isn’t compromised, this specialist process can only be carried out a maximum of two times (sometimes only once). This make it vitally important to choose the correct refurbishment company from the start.

MyAlloys invested in a lathe that was designed in the USA specifically for alloy wheels, enabling the cost of the refurbishment to be more competitive and the standards to be closely monitored. This investment means that all the services offered by MyAlloys are carried 100% out in-house and we have complete control over the refurbishment of your wheels.

At MyAlloys the highly trained operatives play the main role in achieving the final result. Quality control is a major factor whilst diamond turning and is required throughout the cutting process. We understand that there is virtually no room for error so we have extremely high standards for quality of all our diamond turned wheels.

During the refurbishment process wheels are stripped of all paint and powder, creating the ideal time to change your inlay colours to suit your preferences.

Things to consider…

  • Not all wheels can be diamond turned, only wheels specifically designed for this finish can be cut. It also depends on several things such as the profile of the wheel and any previous refurbishment work carried out. If you are local you can pop down to our units in Basingstoke where we can take a look or, alternatively if you send a photo to [email protected] we can give you a rough idea of whether or not diamond turning may be an option for you.
  • Before a wheel can be diamond turned it has to be perfectly straight, we will always check wheels before any work takes place and will always notify you to discuss your options. Any straightening or welding repair work is always carried out in house by highly trained members of the Team with many years experience. Please see our repair page for more details.
  • We understand that being without your car can be a real pain so we always aim to get the work completed as quickly as possible. The whole process normally takes 3-4 days. We are happy to keep your car in our secure, fully insured unit in Basingstoke (small charges apply) or wheels can be dropped off during our opening hours.
  • Unfortunately, as per most in the industry, there is no guarantee offered on a diamond turned refurbishment due to the nature of the service.


Why not contact a member of the team who will be happy to have a look at your wheels and advise the best options available to you. (01256 329 444, [email protected], click here for our contact form.)

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