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What Do Tyron MultiBands Look Like?​

A Tyron MultiBand is a patented wheel well filler that stops the tyre beads dropping into the wheel well, that is used by tyre fitters to enable a tyre to be fitted and removed. So what does a Tyron MultiBand look like? Well the image on the left represents what would be fitted within your wheel to achieve the safety features that a Tyron Band gives.

Tyron MultiBands are simply fitted to your existing wheel.

This allows the driver to retain control of the vehicle reducing the risk of an accident and to continue to a safe place to change the wheel or seek assistance, reducing the risk of personal injury.
Lightweight, so as not to affect fuel consumption, acceleration and braking and with no moving parts it does not affect the balancing of the wheels, maintenance free and fitted once for the life of the vehicle and its occupants.

How Tyron MultiBands work

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

All Vehicles produced in Europe from 2017 have to have TPMS fitted to the vehicle wheels. Each wheel has a sensor fitted to the tyre valve stem within the wheel and monitors the tyre pressure, sending important information back to the vehicle and alerting the driver in the event of a deflation.
Tyron Bands can be fitted to any vehicle that has TPMS with the simple addition of a Tyron TPMS Bracket. This bracket allows the bands to be fitted around the TPMS sensor, still giving the benefits of the Tyron Band and the TPMS sensor combined.
TPMS Bracket
This image shows the Tyron Multibands fitted with a TPMS bracket, allowing you to fit Tyron Multibands to any vehicle with TPMS, giving you added piece of mind and safety.

How much do they cost and how do I order new Tyron Bands?

With over 15 years experience our wheel technicians can supply and fit Tyron Bands for your vehicle using the correct equipment. **Please note that Tyron Bands require specialist tools and fitting.  They should not be installed by unqualified fitters.  Incorrect fitting can result in serious damage to your vehicle. **

To order you new bands simply contact our Team on 01256 329 444 or fill in the contact form above.  Existing bands can also be refitted after a tyre change or refurbishment carried out here at MyAlloys. (A new customer care kit may be required, See below).

Tyron Band Pricing

We can supply and fit new Tyron Bands or refit existing bands with a new service kit after a refurbishment or tyre change.

Supply and Fitment of New Bands

Tyron bands, price per wheel fitted inc VAT – £90.00

Customer Care Kits

Tyron Customer Care Kit, per wheel inc VAT – £10.00

Additional Bolts x 2 inc VAT – £5.00

Refitting existing bands

Removal and refit of existing bands during a tyre change or refurbishment, price per wheel fitted inc VAT- £36.00

(Please note – A new customer care kit or additional bolts may be required per wheel)

For more information or to order you Tyron Bands contact the Team on 01256 329 444, via email on [email protected] or fill in the contact form below with your vehicle type and wheel size. 

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