Wheel Repairs – Welding and Straightening

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Wheel Repairs – Welding and Straightening

Here at MyAlloys we are proud of what we do and making customers confident knowing their wheel is true and safe on the road is the highest priority to MyAlloys. If a buckled wheel won’t go through an MOT it is not structurally safe because the whole performance of the car can be affected.

Alloy wheel repairs can include wheels that have suffered from pothole damage and can be buckled, cracked or fractured, especially when low profile tyres are combined with larger than average wheels. In most cases these can potentially be straightened or welded, and with repair prices starting from as little as £60 there can often be a substantial saving against the cost of a new wheel.

In 2008 we invested in our first straightening machine, because of the volumes of wheels that go through our workshop we now own two machines to cope with demand. Many garages/refurbishers do not possess a straightening machine, but to be able to offer this service professionally it is vital to carry out the work in the correct manner.

If the wheels are too badly buckled we do not even attempt to straighten but recommend the purchase of a new wheel. BUT, customers are always encouraged to bring the wheels in for us to assess as it is surprising how many wheels can be straightened, which could potentially mean a substantial amount of money saved.

Where a weld has taken place we leave one side proud to add strength and to enable customers to check periodically that the weld is holding up (it is always worth having the weld checked when the tyres are changed). Once the weld has been completed we spray with a primer to give added protection. We prefer not to weld large areas or multiple cracks as we believe when the damage is too large a new wheel should be purchased.

Customers need to be aware that substantial heating of the damaged area is carried out in order to give the metal more flexibility and to minimise the risk of cracking. Please note, straightens and welds are not guaranteed and we cannot promise 100% perfection.

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