Donnington Race Report – July 2022


JD Racing DonningtonAlthough the forecast said pouring rain qualifying was bone dry. I didn’t quite feel comfortable in the car, it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do like it had done on Friday testing. Nevertheless I managed to grab a starting position of P4 for both races.


We took a gamble for race 1 by using dry tyres on a damp track, hoping the rain would hold off for the 20 minute race and that after a few laps a dry line would appear. Since it was still damp out on track, we were given two warm up laps to get some heat into our tyres.

As the lights went out, I got a strong start and gained a position before the first corner however, I soon lost this position to James Cole who had chosen to go onto the full wet tyres. JD Racing DonningtonThe first couple laps everyone was scrambling around searching for the right braking points and where the grip was, at the end of the first lap I made a small mistake which saw me drop down to P5. Just before the mid-point of the race the heavens opened once again and made the track comparable to an ice rink! It soon became a battle of who could stay on track. In the closing stages of the race, I caught up to fourth and made the pass and was catching third but the chequered flag came out before I had the chance to make a move. When we got back to the garage, we found out that our alternator had broken while out on track.


JD Racing DonningtonFor race 2 the track was definitely dry but still very greasy and slippery. I again made a good start but after a small bit of contact on the first lap I then dropped down to P6. From here I struggled to catch back up as I couldn’t get any heat in the tyres and therefore really struggled for grip. In the second half of the race the P7 car of Astin caught up and we had a great scrap, two laps before the end of the race I was finally able to get the tyres up to temp and pull away from Astin but unfortunately ran out of time to get past anyone else.


Overall, not the strongest weekend with only coming away with a P4 and P6 but my thoughts now move onto Oulton Park on the 3rd of September.


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